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We know that one size does not fit all for solutions to homelessness. We value creating a learning environment for our clients that uses multi-faceted holistic methods to develop “community-first” solutions.

We use a social entrepreneurial approach that includes understanding the problem from within the client’s perspective; bottom-up consumer-administered programs; strength-based learning environment; low-cost sensible solutions; peer mentoring; and healthy relationships including respect for the client as the driver of their outcomes.



To facilitate success for persons experiencing homelessness through jobs, affordable housing, and social support.


We employ persons who have previously experienced incarceration or homelessness to renovate abandoned properties in blighted neighborhoods. We complete the social mission by leasing houses to transitional programs for persons living with mental illness, or selling houses to owner-occupied buyers with low or middle income.

Future Plans

In 2016 we plan to create an innovative, supportive, affordable community housing project for persons experiencing homelessness.


We have combined several evidence-based approaches into a holistic model for delivery of care and financing of care characterized by “Community First” and “Housing First” philosophies, a strength-based learning environment, an emphasis on client-driven outcomes, and a fundamental core belief that the entrepreneurial spirit and its strategies can and will propel self-sufficiency for our consumers and self-sustainability for our organization.


We focus on the whole person – Our environment and approach is designed to increase the quality of life, physical health, emotional health, spiritual health, and social health for our employees, informal mentors, and tenants.

Multi-faceted – We offer exercise, nutrition, yoga, meditation, referral to off-site mental health and addiction treatment, informal mentoring, jobs, cooking classes, motivational lectures, and financial management.

“Community First”

For our planned community housing project, we will practice “Housing First” the way it was originally intended, as “community first”, meaning that we wrap the program in a rich community environment of mutual respect and accountable positive support.

We emphasize relationships -- Effective housing programs are “relational”, meaning that a trusting compassionate relationship between the housing leaders and the client consumers is not just a mere convenience; it is a necessary foundational principal, which if not met, can destroy a program.

Intentional community -- 50% of tenants in our community housing development will be informal mentors. Formerly homeless and never-homeless role models are currently being recruited to live in our supportive housing community as rent-paying tenants. They will practice mentoring with a passion, foster positive friendships, and facilitate connections between the broader community and the tenants who recently enter our intentional community from chronic homelessness.

Individual housing -- When Home At Last leases renovated houses to community mental health programs that operate transitional programs, we are an involved compassionate property management company that prioritizes the quality of life of the clients.

When selling the renovated houses, Home At Last collaborates with community-oriented banks to facilitate responsible but flexible home ownership mortgages for buyers intending to rise from generational poverty.

“Housing First”

The scientific evidence shows very strong support for the “Housing First” model. In "Housing First", persons experiencing homeless are offered placement in individual apartments or supportive community housing environments (whichever is the best fit for them) with no more rules than the typical citizen would encounter while renting an apartment, while being encouraged but not required to engage in treatment for mental illness or addictions if they are afflicted with these conditions.

The idea is that harm can be reduced to the person and to society by housing an individual even if they are not ready to seek treatment for an addiction.

Several reviews of the scientific evidence have shown that “Housing First” produces fewer days of homelessness and equivalent outcomes (e.g., mental health and substance use recovery) compared to the traditional “continuum of care” models.

Strength-based Learning Environment

Talent – All persons have talents and strengths - add value to the world.

Consumer administered - Clients learn to operate many aspects of their housing program.

Consumer governance - A Client Wisdom Council contributes to formulating rules and guidelines for the supportive housing community.

Volunteerism - Clients are offered opportunities to volunteer to give back to neighborhoods.

Change the paradigm – If we get people to see their identity differently, they act differently.

My name is not “homeless” – Homelessness is a learning experience not a definition of a human being.


“After years of research, we have concluded that persons experiencing homelessness, mental illness, and addictions do not want a pill, a plan, or a program. They want a home, a job and something fun to do on the weekend” – Administrator, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Indianapolis, 2007, and repeated at a conference on Homelessness in DC.

Personalized - One size does not fit all. For example, introverted clients generally prefer individual housing, while extroverted clients generally prefer community living.

On-site Activities – We offer activities that fit the person and enhance their talents.


Employment - “Work is therapy”.

Ex-felons and ex-homeless persons are employed to renovate houses.

Individual housing - We facilitate off-site employment of tenants through connections with job fairs and employers.

Community housing - We will promote on-site micro-businesses in our future supportive housing development.


Social mission from start to finish

Who We Are

We put the social mission first, and the profits second.

We are a social enterprise. As social entrepreneurs we crave to change the world by using entrepreneurial strategies to solve social issues.

Triple bottom line – People, community, profit – all three are held in balance to successfully support one another.

Employment and job training for ex-felons and ex-homeless

We employ persons who have previously experienced incarceration or homelessness to renovate abandoned properties in blighted neighborhoods.

On-site paid job training program-

Two lead contractors each train one individual, also with prior incarceration or prior homelessness, in general contracting work.

The paid job training does not require an educational grant, because, the bid to the lead contractors includes monetary support to pay a stipend to the trainees.

Beautify neighborhoods

We renovate in neighborhoods with the highest poverty and highest violent crime rates.

We are currently focused in the 46201 zip code, which is located in the near east side of Indianapolis, IN, and is one of the city’s six most dangerous “hot zones”.

Community partnerships

We work closely with neighbors and community development organizations to understand neighborhood preferences.

Business Model

Our business model produces self-sustaining profits.

Our operations are completely paid by rental income and buy-sell profits.

We reinvest profits into the social mission.

We place higher priority on maximizing the social mission than maximizing profits in cases where these goals conflict.

We ensure excellent profitability and a successful social mission without grants or subsidies by making informed high-value price point decisions.

Specifically, our successful business model hinges on three things:

First, we are obsessed with finding the right team - “getting the right people on the bus”, as described in the book Good To Great, by Jim Collins, 2001.

For example, we find lead contractors with the following characteristics: a previous felony or homelessness experience; no active addiction; integrity; highly skilled with many years of experience in property renovation including plumbing and electrical; and good at training and supervising a crew. In addition, one contractor in a pair of lead general contractors needs to have a highly orderly and organized personality. This combination is difficult to find but we have done it.

Second, we buy good houses at a very low price.

Third, we renovate houses using vendors - licensed and insured general and specialized contractors - who offer great value – meaning high quality at lower costs than their competitors.

We renovate houses with high-quality artisanship but with a balance of amenities and renovation costs that match the economic market.

Our neighbors say our renovations are the best looking houses in the neighborhood.

....even compared to other houses recently renovated!

For example, in 2015, our total purchase and renovation cost was $70,000 on this three bedroom each-side duplex on the Near East side of Indianapolis, IN. We are leasing this property. Accounting for rental income, monthly expenses, and interest on a 4% loan, we are earning a capitalization rate of 10% on the $70,000 investment. The current selling appraisal estimate is $80,000, providing immediate equity of $10,000.


Home 1 Before Photo


Home 2 After Photo


Home 1 After Photo


Home 2 After Photo

Our high quality renovation is not just cosmetic appearance

We take great pride in high-quality interior work, including:


Patrick Monahan possesses a unique combination of “head” and “heart”, bringing his mathematical and human behavior knowledge to his role as Director of Analytics for our Sandra Eskenazi Center for Brain Care Innovation while, at the same time, devoting extensive time and effort to bringing housing to the homeless. I am both excited and encouraged by his plans for Home At Last to operate a “community-first” affordable housing solution for homeless individuals that includes peer mentoring, nutrition, and exercise.

Lisa Harris, CEO, Eskenazi Health

The owner of Home At Last, Dr. Patrick Monahan, has contributed significantly to our homelessness committees and the planning committee for our city’s new Engagement Center for which he is leading the development of success metrics. Dr. Monahan is quite knowledgeable about homelessness and well respected by the Indianapolis homelessness entities including nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and outreach groups.

Alan Witchey, Executive Director, Coalition for Homelessness Intervention and Prevention (CHIP)

I have been involved in developing affordable housing projects throughout Indiana for many years. The comprehensive and positive community-focused methodologies planned by Home At Last for its “community-first” affordable supportive multi-unit housing project are an innovative approach to creating an environment that increases the chance of success for persons experiencing homelessness.

Chuck Heintzelman, Principal, Milestone Ventures, Inc., affordable housing developer

The mission, vision and values of Home at Last are most commendable. Neighborhoods, ex-offenders, formerly homeless people, and the entire City of Indianapolis benefit significantly from programs like this. How wonderful if Home at Last could be replicated throughout Marion County!

Jan L. Diggins, Community Advocate

I am absolutely thrilled by the holistic approach that Home at Last is taking with its plans for a community-positive apartment building for persons experiencing homelessness. The inclusion of exercise, nutrition, and meditation is something I have long advocated for in permanent supportive housing. We need more of this type of housing!

Margie Payne, CEO, Eskenazi Health Midtown Community Mental Health

Home At Last is built on a client-driven multi-faceted approach that truly embodies the best we know about affordable housing for persons experiencing homelessness, addictions, or mental illness, and is combined with a financial model that is sure to prove a success for all.

Brent Matthews, Supportive Housing Consultant


For all inquiries, please contact the Founder and CEO of Home At Last, LLC,

Patrick Monahan


2625 N Meridian St, STE 326, Indianapolis, IN, 46208